For a full list of areas and their Calls for Papers, see the main PCA/ACA website.


Topic Area chair
Academics and Collegiate Culture Arlene Caney email
Adaptation (Film, TV, Lit., and Electronic Gaming) Glenn Jellenik email
Adolescence in Film and Television Kylo-Patrick Hart email
Advertising Sammy R. Danna, Christopher Swindell email
African-American Culture David Moody, Elgie Sherrod email
Age of Theodore Roosevelt & Popular Culture Daniel Murphy email
Aging and Senior Culture Frederick John Augustyn, Jr. email
American Indian Literatures and Cultures Richard Sax email
American Literature Corey Taylor email
Animation David S. Silverman, Peter Chanthanakone email
Appalachian Studies Jessie Blackburn email
Armed Conflict Sally Parry, Robert McLaughlin email
Art & Design Culture Joy Sperling, Gretchen Gasterland-Gustafsson email
Asian Popular Culture Ying Xu, John A. Lent email
Australian and New Zealand Popular Culture Glen Thomas email
Baby-Boomer Culture James Von Schilling email
Beer Culture Annie Sugar email
Biographies Susie Skarl email
Black Performing Arts Jonafa Banbury, Michael Borshuk email
Body and Culture Lynn Sally email
Border Studies, Cultural Economy and Migration Araceli Masterson email
Brazilian Popular Culture Mónica Ayala-Martínez, Manuel Martínez email
British Popular Culture Frank Riga, Maureen Thum email
Celebrity in Culture Michael Brody email
Cemeteries and Gravemarkers J. Joseph Edgette email
Children’s and YA Literature and Culture Amie Doughty email
Children’s/YA Series Books and Dime Novels Demian Katz email
Circuses and Circus Culture Alexis Shpall Wolstein email
Civil War and Reconstruction Randal W. Allred email
Collecting and Collectibles Kevin M. Moist email
Comedy and Humor Peter Seely email
Comics and Comic Art Nicole Freim email
Communication and Digital Culture Xtine Burrough email
Copyright and Intellectual Property Brendan Riley email
Creative Fiction Writing Lisa Muir email
Dance and Dance Culture Jen Atkins, Celeste Landeros email
Disability Studies (Special Topics Area) Bruce Drushel email
Disasters, Apocalypses, and Catastrophes Robert Bell, Robert Ficociello email
Ecology and Culture Margaret O'Shaughnessey email
Education, Teaching, History and Popular Culture Edward Janak email
Eros, Pornography and Popular Culture Ken Muir email
Fairy Tales Robin Gray Nicks, Linda Holland-Toll, Amanda M. Caleb email
Fan Culture and Theory Katherine Larsen email
Fashion, Style, Appearance, Consumption and Design Joseph Henry Hancock, Jessica Strübel email
Fat Studies Lesleigh Owen email
Film Donald E. Palumbo email
Film Adaptation David Moody email
Film and History Cynthia J. Miller email
Fitness, Exercise and Physical Culture Virginia Cowen email
Folklore Kathryn Edney email
Food in Popular Culture Beverly Taylor email
Game Studies Nicholas Mizer, Matthew Wysocki email
Gay, Lesbian, and Queer Studies Bruce Drushel email
Gender and Media Studies Debbie Phillips email
Gender Studies Carrie Marjorie Peirce email
Generation X Shay Rahm email
German Literature and Culture Claude Desmarais email
Gothic in Literature, Film, and Culture Louis Palmer email
History of Popular Culture Studies Gary Burns email
Horror (text, media, culture) Tiffany A. Bryant, Jim Iaccino email
Indian Culture, Art and Media Rekha Menon email
Internet Culture Mary Beth Ray, Colin Helb email
Jack London Life and Works Gina Rossetti email
Journalism and Media Culture James Von Schilling email
Language Attitudes and Popular Linguistics James G. Mitchell email
Latin American Film and Media Melissa Fitch email
Latin American Literature and Culture Patricia Montilla email
Latin Americans and Latinos: Identity Issues and Cultural Stereotypes Raul Rosales Herrera email
Libraries, Archives, Museums, and Popular Research Allen Ellis, Casey Hoeve email
Literature and Madness Branimir Rieger, Russ Pottle email
Literature and Science Ian Roberts email
Literature, Politics, & Society George B. Moore email
Material Culture Heidi Nickisher email
Medical Humanities: Health and Disease in Culture Carol-Ann Farkas email
Medievalism in Popular Culture Christina Francis email
Memory and Representation Terry Cochran email
Men and Men’s Studies Merry G Perry email
Mental Health and Mental Illness in Popular Culture Eric Greene email
Midwest Literature (Special Topics Area) Bruce Drushel email
Motherhood/Fatherhood and Popular Culture Kathryn Pallister email
Music Thomas M. Kitts email
Musicals, Stage, and Film Samuel Goldstein email
Mystery and Detective Fiction Mollie Freier, Deborah Leiter email
Mythology in Contemporary Culture Kate Rittenhouse email
New England Studies Martin Manning email
Non-Fiction Writing Bruce Drushel email
Philosophy and Popular Culture Jason Eberl email
Poetry Studies and Creative Poetry Katie Manning email
Politics Portrayed in Electronic Print and Media Fran Hassencahl email
Popular American Authors Christina Vick email
Popular Art, Architecture, and Design Jennifer Streb email
Popular History in American Culture Jennifer L. Stevens email
Professional Development Jordan McClain, Callie Clare email
Protest Issues and Actions Lotte Larsen email
Pulp Studies Justin Everett, Jeffrey Shanks email
Punk Culture Kevin Egan email
Radio and Audio Media Matthew Killmeier email
Religion and Popular Culture Pamela A. Detrixhe email
Rhetoric, Composition, and Popular Culture Jennifer Burg email
Romance Jodi McAlister, Heather Schell email
Science & Popular Culture Steven Gil, Bill Lott email
Science Fiction and Fantasy Gillian Leitch, Sherry Ginn, Heather M. Porter email
Sea Literature, History, and Culture Stephen Curley email
Shakespeare on Film and Television Richard Vela email
Soap Opera and Serialized Storytelling MJ Robinson email
Sports Joseph Price, Yuya Kiuchi email
Stephen King Phil Simpson, Patrick McAleer email
Tarot & Other Methods of Divination Emily Auger email
Television Amanda McClain, Antonio Savorelli email
The Sixties Kevin M. Moist email
Theatre and Drama Eric Wiley, Thomas Fuschetto email
Tolkien Studies Robin Anne Reid email
Travel and Tourism William E Lenz email
Undergraduate Sessions Mark Rubinfeld, Kristjane Nordmeyer email
Vampire in Literature, Culture, and Film Mary Findley, Lisa Nevarez email
Vehicle Culture Skip McGoun email
Virtual Identities and Self-Promoting Jennifer Consilio email
Visual Culture Jeffrey Schneider, Royce Smith email
War After 1945: Literature, History, Culture, and the Arts Renate Prescott email
Westerns and the West Helen M. Lewis email
Women’s Studies Holly M. Kent email
World’s Fairs and Expositions Thomas Prasch, Laurie Dalton email